Polish Briefing 11 March, 2019 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: Use better what’s available. PGNiG’s digital deposit

What goes on in Poland on the 11th of March.

Use better what’s available. PGNiG’s digital deposit

Before the deposit becomes an object of exploitation, it must be found, identified and managed. PGNiG presented the integrated deposit management system to journalists. It is a combined platform allowing for integrated management of extraction from the deposit.

PGNiG plans to maintain gas production in Poland around 4 billion cubic meters annually. They can not count on significant discoveries of new deposits in the country, but can make better use of what is already available. The company can also gain experiences abroad, and now shares them with the biggest players on the market.

– 70 percent of PGNiG’s EBITDA comes from mining – said Piotr Woźniak. He could not say more, because information on this subject will be included in the next integrated report of the company. PGNiG emphasizes that it is possible to save on drilling if the petrophysical deposit is properly identified. Then followed by exploratory drilling, giving the most important information – gas-bearing, oil-bearing, etc. – needed to create a digital model of the deposit. – No more intuitive approach! – Woźniak declared.

– This is not our invention. Deposit models can be made in various ways – betrayed President Woźniak. The company used IT tools known for a long time. – Our idea was to combine all tools from the market into one digital model that will allow you to combine information from the moment of exploration of the deposit to the development stage.

As a result, the company knows in advance what machines and pipelines must be used with maximum efficiency, ie “maximum depletion of the deposit”. – It’s like a jar of jam. The child leaves the majority and leaves the rest. An adult takes a spoon and scrapes the edges. A grandma is coming and he makes a compote on the leftovers – joked the president.