GAS Nord Stream 2 20 July, 2018 3:00 pm   
Editorial staff

Nord Stream 2 with problems in Russia. Will there be a delay?

Pipelines necessary to deliver gas to Nord Stream 2 will be prepared only in February 2021.

Russian company Gazprom intends to sign three contracts concerning capacity increase of gas pipelines located in North-East Russia, within the sections Grjazowiec-KS Slawiańskaja, Wołchowskaja-KS Slawiańskaja and LPP Slawiańskaja-Kolpinskoje. The contracts’ value amounts to 90,8 billion RUB. As Kommiersant informs, the deadline for completion is set on February 2021.

The pipelines are indispensable to deliver gas that will be exported via Nord Stream 2, which will possess a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year. It will be situated alongside existing Nord Stream 1 pipeline. For this reason, the increase of capacity of pipelines’ delivering gas to Nord Stream 1 and 2 is needed.

It is not established how the deadline for completion of development of aforementioned pipelines development (February 2021) will impact the timeframe of Nord Stream 2, which according to the projections is to be able to provide first gas deliveries before the end of 2019. Perhaps, it will result in decrease of Nord Stream’s 2 available capacity till the completion of development.

Kommiersant/Wojciech Jakóbik