Norwegian Corridor 15 March, 2018 11:00 am   
COMMENTS: Piotr Woźniak

The Northern Gateway may be an equivalent for gas supplies from Russia

The president of PGNiG Piotr Woźniak announced that the Northern Gateway projects will be used for the possible resignation of gas from Russia.

– The biggest achievement of last year is the signing of gas contracts for Baltic Pipe pipe – emphasized Woźniak. – This is the foundation of our diversification program – he said. – We are building an equivalent for deliveries from the direction used so far, ie from the East – the CEO added, linking Baltic Pipe with the subject of LNG import using the terminal in Świnoujście.

– We are building an alternative portfolio for the moment of extinguishing the Yamal contract. We prepare from every possible angle, because most of the investments are borne by Gaz-System. We do not anticipate accelerating this process. The breaks in Russian deliveries to Ukraine showed excellent preparation for this kind of situation – said Wozniak in response to’s question about the reaction to the new gas crisis in relations between Ukrainians and Russian Gazprom.

– We are waiting for the Baltic Pipe and LNG terminal and we are prepared to use the entire regasification capacity of the terminal, because we have it all booked – said Woźniak.

The gas storage facilities in Ukraine are in old deposits and you can not increase the delivery power from day to day. The impact of frost can end up in a long-term shortage of gas and must be supplemented with supplies from the spot market. It is different with warehouses in Poland, which are mostly in salt caverns, which allows to quickly increase consumption. – We were able to provide, within 24 hours, as much as requested by the Ukrainian side – he said.