Polish Briefing 27 February, 2019 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: Poland and Lithuania signed a declaration on energy cooperation

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What goes on in Poland on the 27th of February.

Poland and Lithuania signed a declaration on energy cooperation

The Chancellery of the President informed that during the visit of Lithuania’s president Dalia Grybauskaite, an energy cooperation agreement and talks about the Mazeikan Refinery under the control of PKN Orlen took place.
In the communique we read that during the visit of the Lithuanian President from February 21-22, “the adoption of a joint declaration by the Presidents of Poland and Lithuania covering security issues, including energy security” was planned.

The Law Firm reminds that Polish companies are a significant shareholder in the Lithuanian markets, “headed by the flagship project”, which is the PKN Orlen refinery in Mazeikiai.

– We want the economic presence of Poland to develop, that the Polish economic power in Lithuania be radiant and we want the Lithuanian state to support Polish economic entities in Lithuania and enable them to function well – said the head of the office, Krzysztof Szczerski.