Polish Briefing 3 April, 2018 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: A new anti-smog program in April. Poles harmed by Volkswagen do not give up

What goes on in Poland on the 3rd of April.

Kowalczyk: A new anti-smog program in April

In the middle of April, work on a new anti-smog program will be completed. According to it, home insulation will involve the replacement of ovens – Minister of Environment Henryk Kowalczyk informed the Polish Press Agency (PAP). He added that the subsidy will depend on the degree of wealth of building owners.

Program The “National Clean Air Package” is prepared by the Ministry of the Environment and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

The minister stressed that the new anti-smog program will be dedicated to owners of single-family houses for a thorough thermo-modernization with the simultaneous exchange of heat sources for the more ecological ones.

“In this case, we will act in a complementary way. We want to combine these two elements, that is, home insulation with the simultaneous replacement of the furnace, because it is the most effective. On the one hand, we will take care of cleaner air, on the other hand, the portfolios of beneficiaries. Separate programs for thermo-modernization or replacement of furnaces are already offered. Just switching to another source of energy in your home, eg from coal to gas, contributes to improving air quality, but it can also increase heating costs. Simultaneous house warming and furnace replacement cause that the final cost will not be greater, as the cost of heating is offset by the savings resulting from lower energy consumption “- said Kowalczyk.

Poles harmed by Volkswagen do not give up

There is no consent to breaking the law and cheating, say members of the StopVW Association and submit to the Court of Appeals in Warsaw a complaint against the decision to dismiss the class action against Volkswagen. Similar cases are under way in many European countries. StopVW announces decisive action to punish the German concern.

– On the following day, we file a complaint against the decision of the District Court in Warsaw, which recognized that we do not have the right to a court in Poland and we should assert our claims in Germany. In my opinion, the Court’s decision undermines the elementary sense of justice of all Poles. We believe that we have the right to justly judge this, as the Court pointed out: Volkswagen fraud. We have a solid legal basis and I hope that the Court of Appeal will share our position. – says the vice-president of the StopVW Association, Konrad Kacprzak.

Since the outbreak of the Volkswagen scandal in September 2015, about 5,000 people have applied to the Association, which declare their willingness to fight a dishonest producer and the total value of damages for which they apply exceeds PLN 150 million. The association has already filed another class action lawsuit against Skoda. At the same time, he announces the filing of lawsuits against Audi and SEAT. At the same time, there are ongoing trials of people who, with the support of StopVW, have decided to file a lawsuit in an individual manner. StopVW also made a notification about the possibility of a crime committed by the Volkswagen concern to the prosecutor’s office.