Polish Briefing 11 June, 2018 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: A new mission for the Pole in the TSO in Ukraine

What goes on in Poland on the 11th of June.

A new mission for the Pole in the transmission network operator in Ukraine

Naftogaz changed the name of the position that Paweł Stańczak occupied in Ukrtransgaz. The Pole is no longer Vice-President of the company, but “the General Director of the gas transmission system operator branch in Ukraine”. It is worth noting that Stańczak still remains a member of the board of Ukrtransgaz.

In August 2017, Naftogaz approved the candidacy of Paweł Stańczak for the function of the president of Ukrtransgaz. However, he was unable to take a position due to lack of access to state secrets.

In November 2017, Stańczak was transferred to the position of vice-president and member of the board of Ukrtransgaz. He officially took over duties in February 2018.

The chances for the train Gdynia – Kaliningrad during the World Cup are decreasing

As the portal informed, the prospect of launching Gdynia-Kaliningrad connections during the World Football Cup is moving away.

The stadium in Kaliningrad was completed in March 2018. During the World Cup there will be four games: Croatia – Nigeria, Serbia – Switzerland, Spain – Morocco and England – Belgium. The World Cup is also an opportunity for Gdańsk, who wants to become a starting point for fans who will go to Kaliningrad. The Regional Transports also want to take part in the project, which launched a test connection between Gdynia and Kaliningrad on 5 January in cooperation with a Russian carrier.

In a conversation with the Przewozy Regionalne spokesperson Dominik Lebda said that despite the forthcoming start of the World Cup, the timetable still does not include rail connections to the Kaliningrad region, and the company is waiting for the official position of the Russian railways in technical and commercial matters . PR provides for further readiness to implement this project.