Polish Briefing 12 December, 2017 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: The EU can support Polish-Japanese offshore wind farms project

What goes on in Poland on the 12th of December.

The European Union can support Polish-Japanese wind farms project

The EU is preparing a support for innovative energy. A Polish-Japanese project that could stabilize the development of offshore wind farms on the Baltic Sea may benefit from it.

The European Commission and the European Investment Bank want to support innovations in the energy sector by Innovfin Energy Demonsitration Project Facility. It will finance innovative demonstration projects, offer cooperation for evaluation and structuring of such projects. They will also support them financially and technically to improve the chances of obtaining the mains.

Finbarr O’Sullivan from the European Investment Bank named the energy banks projects and other solutions. – If you have an innovative project that will fulfill the demands and cannot find funds on the market, we can help – he assured at the Central Europe Day of Energy in Brussels under the patronage of

Wojciech Lubczyński from PSE-Operator said more about the program. – This is a demonstration project based on the analyses of renewables’ influence on the networking system – he said. PSE project considers installing a net protection system from destabilization linked with the development of Baltic wind farms. The project launched in March 2017. It involves Japanese Hitachi and Polish Energa.

Gaz-System has three options of Baltic Pipe onshore outputs. Decision will be made until mid 2018

– Until mid 2018, Gaz System will present the final route of Baltic Pipe, through which Norwegian gas will be transported to Poland from 2022 – said Paweł Jakubowski from Gaz-System.

When asked about the entering of Baltic Pipe into Polish transmission system he said that three spots of „pipeline’s landing in Poland” (Niechorze, Rogów and Gąski) are analyzed. – The decision will be dependent on geophysical and geotechnical and environmental researches – warned Jakubowski.

– From environmental point of view it is crucial to have different options. This is why we are proving alternatives and the final choice of the route will be dependent of the undersea works. We want to have room for maneuver.