Polish Briefing 6 February, 2018 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: The EU Commission gives Poland and the Baltic states a deadline for network synchronization

What goes on in Poland on the 6th of February.

The EU Commission gives Poland and the Baltic states a deadline for network synchronization. Threat of losing support

Poland and the Baltic States should prepare a common project of synchronization of their electrical networks with the rest of the European Union by June this year – said Maroš Šefrovič, the Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for the Energy Union on Friday in Riga.

This project is part of a European strategy aimed at securing energy supplies for all EU Member States in a time of global insecurity and reducing the EU’s exposure to possible crises, the AFP agency explains.

“We have to end this synchronization of your power networks with the Central European network” – emphasized Šefrovič. “Synchronization will not be a cheap undertaking, but it is very important and we have to do it” – he added.

The Commissioner pointed out that “if we had a good, agreed decision by June, supported by all four countries, we could then provide the necessary proposals and financial assistance.”

The electricity transmission networks of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are linked to the Russian power grid for historical reasons and are therefore exposed to possible interruptions in energy supply from Moscow, writes AFP. To reduce dependence on Russia, the European Commission wants to connect the Baltic States with the rest of the EU through the Polish energy network. Tuning the transmission networks of the Baltic States to European systems through Poland is to be a step towards greater energy security for these countries.

Ministry of Infrastructure: Via Carpatia is the government’s priority

Via Carpatia is the priority of the PiS government – said the Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk on Monday in Rzeszów. The minister participated in the solemn signing of the contract for the implementation of the program concept of section S19 from the Babica node to the Domaradz node. The road is part of the Via Carpatia route.

Adamczyk pointed out that Via Carpatia “in the case of Law and Justice is not only declarations, but specific realizations”. He added, “Although the task is costly and very demanding, we implement this undertaking, which is a specific way of life, because we call it this way” – said the minister.

He stressed that the signed contract for the preparation of the expressway section and the selection of the most advantageous offers for two consecutive sections of the S19 in Podkarpacie are important steps to the creation of the Via Carpatia route in Poland. “It also proves that we are fulfilling our promises. S19 is provided with funding, and more and more parts are directed to implementation “- said Adamczyk.