Polish Briefing 20 November, 2017 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: Jagiellonian Institute – Polish nuclear power plant will be delayed

What goes on in Poland on the 20th of November.

Jagiellonian Institute: Polish nuclear power plant will be delayed

A report of Entrepreneurs and Employers of Energy Sector Association (ZPPSE) and the Jagiellonian Institute on the future polish energy has been published during Kongres 590 in Rzeszów. According to it, Poland should develop renewable and gas energy.

The Institute and ZPPSE introduced a report titles „A roadmap for Polish energy 2030+”. – The report describes new regulations, and on the other side new technologies and challenges – head of ZPPSE and JI Marcin Roszkowski summed up. Christian Schnell from the Jagiellonian Institute pointed out that new EU regulations marking limits of CO2 emissions, but also toxic sulphur and nitrogen compounds will raise the costs for energy sector. It led to a change of energy mix in other countries. This was the reason why Great Britain made a decision to abandon coal energy and develop gas and renewables. – Decreasing the emissions limit will promote gas power stations – rated Schnell.

Poland is about to buy Patriot missiles from the US

American Defense Security Cooperation Agency has informed on Friday that after an agreement of Department of State for optional Patriot anti-missile system sale to Poland, it handed the US Congress a necessary notification of this transaction.

Its cost is rated for $ 10,5 billion. The Congress, according to the bill on weapon export control, has 15 calendar days to block the transaction or modify its conditions.

The choice of Patriot missiles as a subject of contract in medium range air defense program „Wisła” was made in 2015 by PO-PSL government, out of three options. Negotiations between Polish and US governments have been led since then.

In September last year, the minister of defense informed about sending an offer inquiry about eight Patriot missiles sets. Two batteries would be delivered in present configuration, with a sector radar, as a bridging solution.