Polish Briefing 2 June, 2017 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: Katowice will host next UN climate summit. Polish transport companies under EC’s fire

What goes in Poland on 2nd of June.

Szydło: innovative Poland is the government’s dream

“My government’s dream is for Poland to be a young, innovative and modern country, which enables everybody to safely pursue their ambitions and dreams,” declared Prime Minister Beata Szydło during the Impact ’17 conference in Kraków. She was persuading the conference guests that there is a good climate for investments in Poland. “And I encourage all of you to invest here,” she stated.

“The improvement of our economy’s innovativeness has to become a decisive factor in increasing the national income, and improving the quality of life in Poland. This is our main goal,” stressed the prime minister.

She underscored that “the government is working hard to make sure all Poles, not just a handful few, benefit from the national income increase fairly.” Szydło also said she was convinced that Poles would quickly notice the improvement of life quality.

Katowice will host next UN climate summit

In 2018 Poland will host the 24th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 24). The summit will be held in Katowice.

Two cities – Katowice and Gdansk applied for the organization of the UN’s summit. In accordance with UN’s internal regulations, officials from the UNFCCC’s secretariat conducted a technical mission to both cities to assess the candidacies. They visited the proposed conference venues, hotels and held talks with representatives of the city and regional authorities, as well as inspected the available communication infrastructure. The mission’s findings were presented in a report.

President an advocate of Georgia’s NATO membership

“We are in Georgia today because Poland’s and Europe’s security depends on places like Georgia among others. We know what happened here in 2008 (Russian-Georgian War – editor’s note),” said Krzysztof Szczerski, Chief of the Cabinet of the President. “Most of all this is a political visit. We want to send a clear signal that Poland is an advocate of open doors to the EU and NATO,” explained Szczerski.

In a document that commemorated the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Poland and Georgia, the parties stressed that our country fully supported Georgian aspirations to join the European Union and NATO. President Andrzej Duda started his visit in Georgia at the beginning of the week.

Ministry of Defense purchasing submarines

Three offers have been submitted as part of the tender for submarines: French, German and Norwegian as well as Swedish. “Every offer has its strengths,” stressed Jerzy Polaczek, Law and Justice MP and vice-chairman of the Sejm’s Interior Committee.As part of the modernization program called “Orka” (worth ca. PLN 10 billion), the Ministry of Defense is planning to buy three modern submarines for the Polish Navy. In May the ministry announced that the decision about the winning offer would be made in the next few weeks.

The negotiations with France are about Scorpene submarines, which are equipped with missiles. Germans and Norwegians want to sell 212CD submarines produced by the TKMS holding, while Swedes have offered A26 vessels produced by Saab.

Polish transport companies under EC’s fire

“Drivers are considered as posted workers if they spend at least 3 days in a given calendar month on the territory of a Member State,” proposed the European Commission. The limit that was negotiated was 5-7 days.

Jan Buczek, president of the Association of International Road Carriers in Poland is warning that the EC budged under populist pressure from French and German politicians, and was fighting to eliminate Polish companies from the market.