Polish Briefing 9 November, 2017 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: Nuclear energy will probably be in Polish energy mix

What goes on in Poland on the 9th of November.

Nuclear energy will probably be in Polish energy mix

The government may agree for building a Polish nuclear power plant. This is expected by Polish Energy Group (PGE)

PGE CEO Baranowski asked by journalist whether nuclear energy can be excluded from the planned energy mix, he responded that „it seems it will not be”.

When asked about PGE EJ1 (a company responsible for building the nuclear power plant) and a date of choice for localization of the first nuclear power plant in Poland, he said that „according to schedule, localization and environmental works are going on. It takes time. The company does not inform about every stage, because it is a long and complicated process”.

– The company will inform about effects once the work is finished – he said.

The European Commission hits Nord Stream 2. Propositions of new changes in law

The European Commission has presented propositions for changes in gas directive, so the restrictions of EU law could concern importing pipelines. In practice, the amendment will blow away the doubts whether Nord Stream 2 in its underwater part is a subject of EU law.

„The point of the amendment is a supplement of gas directive (2009/73/EC) and clarification that main EU energy legislation rules (tariffs regulation, ownership unbundling and transparency) will be used towards all pipelines to and from the third countries and to borders of EU jurisdiction – stressed the Commission in the communique.

As it explained, it will ensure that all main pipelines coming into EU territory will work according to EU rules in order to ensure the same transparency or availability to them for other operators.