Polish Briefing 20 June, 2018 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: PGNiG is launching a battle for the LNG market in Gdynia

What goes on in Poland on the 20th of June.

PGNiG is launching a battle in Gdynia for the LNG market in the Baltic Sea region

The Port of Gdynia became the next partner of PGNiG as part of the development of the LNG market on the Baltic Sea. PGNiG Retail and Gas Tradnig from the PGNiG Group have signed an agreement on the use of LNG fuel with the Port of Gdynia Maritime Authority. It includes construction of a barge adapted for bunkering ships using LNG. The project is implemented as part of the National Center for Research and Development program. It is worth about PLN 60 million.

Anna Moskwa, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation said that the Gdynia project is model for maritime economy. It focuses on innovation, ecology and cooperation of various industries. – Gdynia will be the first port that will be able to bunk LNG ships, the first, but I think not the last – she said.

The president of PGNiG from Henryk Mucha said that bunkering has been carried out since September 2016, and up to now 34 such operations have been carried out. – A letter of intent will give the possibility of bunkering in a large port. This is proof that PGNiG OD is preparing for the development of sea bunkering with LNG fuel.
Adam Meller, President of the Port of Gdynia, assessed the development of the bunker, as the result of the EU directive on clean maritime transport, which will apply from 2025. – There are more and more ships powered by such fuel. We want to be the first port that can handle ships that flow to Gdynia. With the possibility of bunkering, we will become a port at a higher level – he said. He added that there is already such an opportunity in the Baltic Sea in Klaipeda, Lithuania. – That is why we must overcome these differences – he said.

Tymotesz Pruchnik, the head of Gas Trading, said that bunkering of ships is a new type of activity of his company. – Until now, gas in Poland was transported overland, it is possible that in the future it will also be possible by sea – he estimated.

Gas Trading will be the owner of the barge, and the port will provide logistics allowing its mooring. PGNiG OD will be responsible for trade and sale. The project is to be completed in three years, and the application is currently being prepared under the INNOhip support program. By the end of the year, a decision on financial support is to be made. The maximum level of financing reaches 80 percent.