Polish Briefing 17 April, 2018 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: Poland will not switch to gas. There will be coal and atom

What goes on in Poland on the 17th of April.

Naimski: Poland will not switch to gas. There will be coal and atom

The plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure has announced that coal will maintain a prominent position in the energy strategy of the Republic of Poland, which the government is now announcing at the end of 2018.

– Whatever what are the climatic, technological and other arguments, this fact is inalienable. It just is. Yes, we have natural gas and it’s good that we have more of it. Nevertheless, it does not seem after the first failure when it comes to Polish shale gas, so that we can rely our energy on our own gas. Why should we base our security on imports if we can base them on our own resources? – the conference participant asked.

– This determines our strategy in the field of energy policy. With all the practical aspects of access to gas, we will not base the Polish power industry on gas. That would be irrational. In Poland, we have a fairly low share of gas in primary energy. You can increase it, but there is no reason to do it – Piotr Naimski argued.

– Energy-based gas blocks are needed that will be regulatory in nature – he admitted. – When we diversify deliveries, we will be able to choose the raw materials on which we will base our energy and we will probably build one, two, maybe three gas blocks. Then it will only be a rational action.

– We will try to keep the energy produced from coal in accordance with technological requirements, but also climate policy, and at the same time we will want the coal to remain. In the strategy we are developing, coal has its place – the minister said. In his opinion, it is possible to forecast 30 years ahead, ie until the fifth decade of this century. – Our calculations show that almost half of the energy will be produced from coal – he added.

Poland is applying for EU funds for Baltic Pipe

During the “Third National Scientific Conference: Energy security. Pillars and perspectives”, Piotr Naimski announced efforts to obtain EU support for Baltic Pipe.

– All this must and will be completed by October 1, 2022, the beginning of the gas year. We have a detailed investment schedule. It is implemented. One by one, we are able to mark points behind us. Behind us, among others, is the open season procedure, i.e. market research. As a result, PGNiG signed binding contracts for a 15-year gas transmission with Energinet.d. and Gaz-System. They will be implemented from 2022. They are burdened with restrictions and penalties if it would not be implemented – said Naimski.

– I can say that this is the moment in which decisions about the allocation of real money, financial obligations related to the implementation of the project appeared. It makes it stand on its feet. Market tests were carried out in Poland and Denmark. They showed that the investment will be profitable. This is not an investment built for purely political reasons or for ensuring energy security. This investment defends itself economically. This creates a problem. It is difficult in this situation to apply for support from the European Union. We will see how it goes. For now, the project has received 33 million euro of support for design – said Naimski.