Polish Briefing 11 December, 2017 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: What does the prime minister Morawiecki mean for energy sector?

What goes on in Poland on the 11th of December.

What does the prime minister Morawiecki mean for energy sector?

Prime minister Beata Szydło would not talk much about energy, mainly that coal will remain the main source of energy in Polish energy mix for years. New Mateusz Morawiecki’s government will hardly bring a change. What has the future prime minister talked about the energy sector?

Morawiecki gives hope that he will be effective in fulfilling his anti-smog statements.

On the beginning of previous month Mateusz Morawiecki promised to implement anti-smog programs in Polish towns that are on the list of Europe’s 50 most smog-polluted towns. – In those 33 towns, we would like to propose individual programs. Large budget means will certainly be moved for fighting smog there – he said.

Future prime minister has shown some distance, but also a reasonable approach towards minister Tchórzewski’s project of the first Polish nuclear power plant, pointing potential problems and high costs, what is an experience of European nuclear power plants. Morawiecki said that he is a supporter of nuclear power, but „cheap” – in this matter it may sound good for taxpayers, but it could also cause anxiety.

How did the stock react to capacity market?

The bill on capacity market is a good news for state-owned energy companies. It was confirmed by their latest scores at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Thanks to the bill accepted by Sejm, the energy companies will get additional, crucial source of income, payed by individual receivers in the bills.

What is this game about? Deloitte and Energoprojekt-Katowice counted that for the first planned deliveries period – until 2022 – the cost of subsidies in this mechanism may reach PLN 4,1 billion. This money can mainly be headed to state-owned energy companies.

Better perspectives for state-owned energy companies have been noticed by stock observers, and PGE, Energa and Tauron were among those companies that gained the most at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.