Polish Briefing 4 July, 2018 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: The LNG terminal in Świnoujście will be expanded

What goes on in Poland on the 4th of July.

Kosiniak-Kamysz: NIK report praises ensuring the supply of gas

In the report, the Supreme Audit Office positively assesses the assurance of continuity and avoids the risk of interruptions in gas supplies, this is the most important statement in the report – said the President of the Polish People’s Party (PSL), Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz in the Third Polish Radio Program.

Asked whether in 2010 it was possible to obtain a lower price, he said that even if it was, the former Minister of the Treasury in the PiS government Wojciech Jasiński unreservedly signed a contract for gas supply “for reasons of energy security”.

– We managed to achieve a lot, such as certainty of deliveries or deciding on the gas transported through Poland, and after 2012 we managed to lower its price – said the president of PSL.
– Why has this report been published now?. Is this preparation for talks with Russia about supplies? If so, this is the worst possible way – said Kosiniak Kamysz. – I am convinced of the reliability, diligence and commitment of the then Minister of Economy Waldemar Pawlak – he concluded.

Jakubowski: The LNG terminal in Świnoujście will be expanded

The head of the company Polskie LNG Paweł Jakubowski appeared in the program #RZECZoBIZNESIE. In the interview given there, he told about plans to expand the LNG terminal in Świnoujście.

The LNG terminal in Świnoujście currently has a capacity of 5 bcm, and it has just been approved to increase it to 7,5 bcm. This is to happen until 2022 – this is an important date, because then a long-term contract for gas supplies from Russia will expire.

The expansion program also assumes the construction of the second wharf: – On this seafront, we would like to unload smaller units, more typical on the market. The seafront would also be used for LNG reloading. We want to not only receive gas from smaller units, but also to load them – said Jakubowski in the program #RZECZoBIZNESIE.

The LNG reloading service for cisterns and railways is also going to give new possibilities. – In less than 2 years we have reloaded almost 2800 tank trucks, which puts us on the podium with the leading European terminals – Jakubowski explained.