Polish Briefing 9 August, 2018 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: The services deal with coal from Donbass

What goes on in Poland on the 9th of August.

Tchórzewski: The services deal with coal from Donbass

The minister of energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski revealed at a press conference that Polish services deal with  coal imports from the Donbass.

– Determining where and what coal comes to Poland belongs to other services than the Ministry of Energy. Documents confirming origin so far did not indicate this. Apparently, some of our journalists can also serve, just like intelligence services, to get information outside of Poland. Media reports show that there are various falsehoods along the way. From the point of view of the Ministry of Energy, even if some reports were true in this field, it does not affect even the percentage of coal that is in circulation – said Tchórzewski. – There is no energy threat from this, but the point is that individual countries must comply with sanctions and ensure that they are really respected. It is the duty of our services and I hope that the services react and, as far as I know, there is such a reaction.

– State services are interested in this – stressed the head of the energy ministry.

A plan for the energy grid of Poland will be created

The ministry of energy announces the creation of a national network plan.

– Our most important task is that every citizen would have energy supplies – said Deputy Minister of Energy Krzysztof Skobel during a conference devoted to the agreement of distribution system operators and transmission system operator regarding cooperation in crisis situations.

– It is worth noting that there are private companies in this group – Skobel pointed out. – We have a new time in which all the funds accumulated on Polish soil meant that the activities would be as fast and effective as possible. A national plan for network networking is planned, which will be spread over time, being part of Poland’s energy policy – the minister announced.