LNG 4 August, 2017 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Qatari LNG feels at home in the Baltic Sea. More deliveries are coming

The Al Halma tanker reached the LNG terminal in Świnoujście carrying another liquid gas delivery. The Q-Flex Al- type tanker with a capacity of 210 thousand m3 has already delivered 19 LNG loads to Poland.

The commercial LNG deliveries to Poland have been taking place regularly for a year now. After 2018 the Qatari tankers will visit the Polish LNG terminal more often. The capacity of the Q-Flex tanker is about 210 thousand m3. The regasification capacity of the terminal in Świnoujście is 5 bcm a year. The facility’s operator Gaz-System has already decided to expand this potential to 7.5 bcm by increasing the SCV regasification layout with additional units. The construction of the third tank is also on the list. The terminal has enough pre-prepared room for such an investment. After its completion, the LNG terminal’s capacity will increase to 10 bcm a year.

PGNiG, the buyer of the Middle-Eastern gas is happy with its cooperation with Qatargas. This is why last March the Polish company signed with Qatar an additional contract to the long-term one which is currently binding. It says that Qatargas will increase the volume of exports to Poland to 2 million tons a year (i.e. ca. 2.7 bcm of gas after regasification).

The new deal will enter into force on 1 January 2018 and will be binding until June 2034. Let us remind that the agreement for LNG delivery with Qatar signed in 2009 will be binding for 20 years, until 2034. On its basis Qatargas delivers PGNiG annually 1 million tons of LNG, which is about 1.5 bcm.