A nuclear alliance with Poland aboard is fighting for money

Taishan-NPP-EDF Taishan nuclear power plant. Picture by EDF

A nuclear alliance with the participation of Poland calls for the climate policy to be based on renewable and nuclear energy. It’s a game for money that can bankroll Poland’s nuclear power plant in Pomerania.

A non-paper document presented by the French-led nuclear alliance calls for the use of renewable and nuclear energy to implement the European Union’s climate policy.

The alliance calls for a directive to promote decarbonisation without focusing on increasing the share of renewable energy sources. It also calls for new ways to finance nuclear projects, also with the use of the European Investment Bank, which has so far supported renewables. The discussion about financing is important for Poland, which is negotiating with the European Commission a financing model for its nuclear power plant project managed by Polish Nuclear Power Plants (PEJ), Bechtel and Westinghouse in Pomerania.

The alliance includes Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Hungary. These countries either already have or are planning to build nuclear power plants. Poland wants to launch its first reactor in 2033 and have 6-9 in nuclear capacity by 2043.

Wojciech Jakóbik