GAS 22 December, 2021 11:15 am   
Editorial staff

A second anti-monopoly investigation against Gazprom has started


The European Commission is launching a second antitrust investigation against Gazprom, suspected by countries like Poland of restricting gas supplies to Europe for political purposes. It is the implementation of a postulate made by Poland, among others.

Officials in the European Commission inform that an anti-monopoly investigation on possible abuse of market power by Gazprom has started. – The investigation is already underway and the General Directorate for Competition is being conducted – said the EU official in an interview with – The European Commission sent a request for relevant information to be provided to the main supplier (i.e. Gazprom – ed.). The investigation requires gathering evidence, so no more information can be presented yet, he revealed.

Poland called for the launch of a second anti-monopoly investigation against Gazprom. The previous one ended with a settlement, but according to Warsaw, the use of the energy crisis by limiting gas supplies and raising its price in Europe to force the commencement of gas supplies through the disputed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and then increasing political pressure on Ukraine or an invasion on its territory.

Wojciech Jakóbik