Energy 14 July, 2017 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Adamczyk: fuel fee will not increase fuel prices

“The road fee, after the Act on the Fund for Local Roads enters into force, should not impact fuel prices,” said Andrzej Adamczyk, the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction in an interview for the TVN24 news channel.

When asked in the “One on one” program on the TVN24 news channel whether he was able to guarantee to all Poles that fuel prices will not go up once the Act on the Fund for Local Roads enters into force, Adamczyk said: “Today we can repeat what experts said – because the fuel sales increased by 18%, the price does not have to necessarily go up.”

He added that according to, e.g. the press release by Orlen the increase of the fee “will probably not impact fuel prices at gas stations.”

He refused to promise that if despite all this the prices go up, he will resign. “This would be completely unwise because everybody who knows basic economics knows that the market is governed by the economy,” he said.

On Wednesday the first reading of the PiS ruling party’s Act on the Fund for Local Roads took place. The goal is for the Fund to be financed from, among others, a PLN 20 groszy (cents) fee for one liter of fuel. The intention of the lawmakers is to help local governments to construct and modernize roads.