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An atomic split between Warsaw and Katowice

Inauguracja-resortu-przemyslu Inauguration of the Ministry of Industry. Picture by MAP.

The Ministry of Industry will manage not only mining in Upper Silesia, but also energy resources and nuclear policy – said Minister Marzena Czarnecka during the opening of the Ministry in Katowice. Meanwhile, Polish Nuclear Power Plants (PEJ) and Poland’s first nuclear project in Pomerania are still managed by the plenipotentiary who works in Warsaw.

The Industry Ministry is to take over the responsibilities of the Climate Ministry with regard to regulating nuclear energy. However, PEJ will remain under the supervision of the government’s plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure, a position currently held by Maciej Bando.

“Without a strong industry, there is no strong Polish economy,” said Minister of Finance Andrzej Domański. “Our ambitions run high. Thanks to a well-functioning and efficient industry, the economic growth rate will be higher. Here in Silesia we have infrastructure, experience and above all the best professionals. This is where the Ministry of Industry starts today,” he said.

“Putting the Ministry of Industry here in Silesia is an appreciation of this region, which for decades has had an impact on the development of Poland and now faces new tasks during the transformation of our economy,” said Minister of State Assets Borys Budka.

The inauguration of the Ministry of Industry with its headquarters in Katowice took place in the historical building at the Insurgents St. 30, with the participation of the head of the ministry Marzena Czarnecka and the Minister of State Assets Borys Budka and the Minister of Finance Andrzej Domański.

This is the only new ministry in the government of Donald Tusk, and the only one that will operate outside Warsaw. It was separated from the Ministry of State Assets. It will handle budget part 48 – management of mineral deposits. According to the Minister of Industry Marzena Czarnecka, the newly created department will deal not only with mining and metallurgy, but also with nuclear energy, oil and gas. The responsibilities will be formally divided once the Act on Administration is amended, of which has written about previously.

Ministry of State Assets / Wojciech Jakóbik