Polish Briefing 20 March, 2019 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: Baltic Pipe will give Poland independence and fuel for energy transformation

What goes on in Poland on the 20th of March.

Mościcka-Dendys: Baltic Pipe will give Poland independence and fuel for energy transformation

We do not want to completely exclude Gazprom from the market. Diversification projects are supposed to deprive it of the monopolist status it currently has. The Polish-Danish-Norwegian project of the Baltic Pipe gas corridor will increase our independence from one supplier – said the Polish ambassador to Denmark, Henryka Mościcka-Dendys in a conversation with Danish daily Politiken.

She stressed that there were reasons to conclude an agreement on the Danish-Polish distribution of waters around Bornholm other than just security policy. It may pave the Polish way to gas independence from Russia.

In her opinion, the conclusion of a final agreement shows that Denmark, like Poland, is a member of the European family and it is only a confirmation of good mutual relations and intentions.

When asked why Baltic Pipe is so important for Poland, she said that her country is often perceived by Denmark as dependent on “black” coal energy. – Before we become a truly green state, we need a transition period in which we will be able to withdraw coal and become more eco-friendly. For that to happen, we also need more gas – added Mościcka-Dendys.

She stated that Baltic Pipe would increase Poland’s independence from one supplier. – Our main goal is to become independent of Russian gas. The current agreement with Russia expires in 2022 and we hope that work will start a gas connection with Norway at that time – she stated.

When asked why Poland does not want Russian gas, she said she wanted to develop the market. – Today, Russia is a gas monopoly. Gazprom’s behavior is a problem. Thanks to the new combination, we will not find ourselves in a situation where we could be subjected to some form of pressure – said the ambassador. She added that it was about the possibility of influencing the country’s policy with the use of gas. – We do not want to test this threat. Poland has always said that it is pragmatic, but that does not mean that we have to be naïve – she emphasized.

Asked whether Europe should completely refrain from buying Russian gas, she said the aim is not to exclude Gazprom from the market, but to deprive it of monopoly status. – There must be a common agreement. To build them, EU countries must work together. Today there is no free competition on the gas market – she concluded.

Speaking of Polish-Danish cooperation, she ensured that the operators of the gas transmission network Gaz-System and cooperate well with each other. – I am impressed by how effectively this cooperation works – she concluded.