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COMMENTS: Jacek Perzyński

BBN head: Poland has three years to prepare for a confrontation with Russia


“We have three years to prepare for a confrontation with Russia,” said the head of the National Security Bureau (BBN) Jacek Siewiera. He added that such a scenario is real, and Poland should prepare – reports TVN24.

Despite the fact that the war in Ukraine consumes a huge amount of equipment of the Russian army, Russia can quickly replenish losses due to highly developed wartime production. This raises very serious concerns that the Kremlin in the near future will want to attack the eastern flank of NATO and Poland.

The head of the National Security Bureau Jacek Siewiera believes that Poland has three years “to prepare for a confrontation with Russia.” “It is very important to distinguish between a war and a confrontation. A confrontation is exactly what Russia, in its current image, is trying to use as a parallel tool of politics. The is an offensive, aggressive policy in violation of international law,” he told the TVN24 news channel.

According to Jacek Siewiera, the probability of war is higher than a year ago. “The Russian Federation is aware, especially its commanders and generals, that with Ukraine, which resists, effectively defends itself, carrying out an invasion, a full-scale confrontation, a conventional confrontation with NATO countries, will be completely doomed to failure,” he said.

TVN24 / Jacek Perzyński