Energy 19 November, 2019 2:30 pm   
COMMENTS: Jerzy Buzek

Buzek: Energy transition will either be a joint success or a joint failure

Member of the European Parliament, chairman of the ITRE Committee, Jerzy Buzek opened a conference on energy transformation in Central and Eastern Europe in the European Parliament.

– We must ensure that these measures will not only help to achieve the assumptions of the Paris climate agreement, but will improve air quality, combat energy poverty, increase the competitiveness of the industry – argued Buzek. – But where do you get the funds? We are lucky that the Association of Polish Banks is with us and will give us an answer – he referred to the involvement of the event’s co-organizer.

Buzek mentioned that the energy transformation looks different in European countries due to different starting points. For this reason, transformation in the CEE countries will be slower and require more resources. – It will be our joint success or a joint failure. It is our shared responsibility – declared Buzek.

The event was organized by MP Jerzy Buzek, the Association of Polish Banks, Gaz-System and the Polish Energy Group.