Energy Nuclear 15 July, 2019 11:00 am   
COMMENTS: Jerzy Buzek

Buzek: It is too late for nuclear energy in Poland

– It is too late for nuclear energy in Poland. Nuclear energy in 10-12 years is too distant perspective. In Poland, we do not have a sector and experts in this industry. Today, energy from wind on land and sea is the cheapest. Energy from coal is getting more and more expensive. We need gas. How much? For how long? This needs to be balanced – said MEP Jerzy Buzek during the panel “Energy – reconcile black with green” held during the Program Forum of the Civic Coalition.

Jerzy Buzek said that when he speaks in Poland, he is perceived as the most “green”, while in Brussels he is the most “black”. – In the case of energy transformation, it is important to remember the people. About 50 million people live in mining areas in Europe. EU actions should lead the transformation so that it will shield against its negative effects. That is why it was possible to create an aid instrument in the EU – support for post-mining regions. In the EU ETS emissions trading system, we have a support mechanism for the Polish energy industry, which can be used in transformation. These funds come from the sale of emission allowances. They should be used for energy transformation – he said.

– For the energy transformation of the mining regions, the EU will allocate EUR 5 billion, however, it is not enough. Funds for this purpose must be part of the energy policy in regional policy, as well as a separate expenditure in the EU budget. Poland should have special conditions to be able to fulfill its emission goals, because we will not be able to cut emissions without public acceptance – Buzek stressed. He added that Poland still does not use research institutes dealing with the technology of using clean coal.

– There are questions about whether to use gas for energy transformation and where it should come from. Still with the administration of President Barack Obama, Europe negotiated the opening of the LNG market. We managed to liberalize it. The decision is obtained within 3 months. At the beginning of 2016, Portugal received the first LNG cargo from the USA. We also buy this gas. The question is how much we need it, because the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) also mentions this issue in its calculations. LNG as a natural gas is also a fossil fuel. The bank’s approach is that with the limitation of coal, you can switch to gas as less, but still emission fuel – he reminded.

– Nuclear? I was for it 5-10 years ago, but probably not today. Energy from wind on land is the cheapest, the other is energy from wind at sea, energy from fossil fuels will be more expensive. You have to balance it. It is too late for nuclear energy in Poland. Nobody is ready for it. We do not have experts or professionals in this industry. Finland and Czechia have those, and therefore, the whole sector and they are expanding it. Energy from the nuclear in 12-15 years is too late – he emphasized.