Energy 5 March, 2024 7:35 am   
COMMENTS: Marcin Karwowski

By 2050 half of Poland’s power may come from green sources

Turbiny-wiatrowe-w-Szlezwiku-Holsztynie-Freepik Wind turbines in Schleswig-Holstein. Picture by Freepik.

“50 percent from RES by 2050 is doable,” said Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Miłosz Motyka.

Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Miłosz Motyka spoke at the Energy Transition Conference organized by the Energy Club. He talked about Poland’s energy policy after the 2023 parliamentary election and the subsequent change in power.

“We should tell Poles directly that the energy transition is not only an opportunity for lower bills, but also an impact on air quality,” the Minister said. He stated that it is possible to achieve a 50 percent share of renewable energy sources in energy production in Poland by 2050.

The energy policy of Poland until 2040 in its current version says that by 2040s 73 percent of Poland’s energy will be generated from renewables and nuclear power. NPPs are expected to provide about 20 percent of the energy, and therefore a share of 50 percent in 2050 would not be revolutionary compared to the plans presented so far. PEP2040 will be updated later this year, based on a draft prepared by Anna Moskwa’s previous team.

“Once we have adopted the country’s climate policy, we must do everything to stick to it. I see and hear that business needs this stabilization,” Minister Motyka promised.

Marcin Karwowski / Wojciech Jakóbik