Polish Briefing 15 July, 2019 10:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: Civic Coalition proposes a 4D for the energy sector

What goes on in Poland on the 15th of July.

Czerwiński: Civic Coalition proposes a 4D for the energy sector

Poles should take an active part in the development of prosumer energy. The energy policy of the current government is contradictory to the challenges that the world is struggling with and to the goals that energy corporations want to implement around the world. New priorities for the energy sector should be: diversification, digitalization, decentralization and deconcentration – Andrzej Czerwiński, MP of the Civic Platform (PO), said during the Civic Coalition (KO) Program Forum, during the panel “Clean Energy, effective heat”.

Diagnosis according to KO

Czerwiński emphasized that absurdities occur in the Polish power industry. – The world focuses on innovation, artificial intelligence, clean climate, a new approach to schooling. As we look at what Poland is doing, it is clear that we are going against the tide. The energy industry is still high-emission, it comes to absurds, for instance when energy companies build a body for an electric vehicle – he pointed out. – It is ordered to sell energy to power companies below its value just because we have an election year. A fund was created to sell emission allowances, subsidized from citizens’ pockets – he mentioned.

He stressed that after 30 years of transformation, Poland is on the verge of an energetic crisis. – It still focuses on the coal industry. Support for this industry was solved through the capacity market, but it was based only on coal – he said. – Durability in the energy and heating sector is a threat to health – he warned.

KO suggestions

The PO – KO proposal concerns – as Czerwiński added – investments in prosumer energy. – We want to obtain up to 15 GW of power and 14 percent of the share of distributed energy in the production of energy in Poland, and also give an impulse for the development of green industry. The state should cover installation costs for its own needs. It is also necessary to introduce lower transmission tariffs for participants of local markets – the MP pointed out.

He proposed to focus on cogeneration as a flexible source of cheap heat instead of new capacities in coal-fired power plants, arguing that thanks to it we can obtain 7 GW of new capacities and 50 TWh from cogeneration installations. – Let’s focus on the flexibility of the system, the construction of local supply and energy storage markets and local, flexible markets, renewable energy and clusters – he said.

He emphasized that energy companies are to play a public role, and not carry out party orders. – In the meantime, we hear about several dozen thousand party activists employed in companies. The value of energy companies needs to be rebuilt. Just look at the stock market quotes and see how much they are worth today – he said.

He stressed that diversification, digitalization, decentralization and deconcentration should be new priorities for the energy sector. – We propose a new philosophy of action by supporting the activity of Poles in securing the interests of minority shareholders – added Czerwiński.

He stressed that Civic Coalition’s energy sector of the energy sector of tomorrow, based on the promotion of individual energy, support for investment in own sources, decisions on RES investments at local level, lower costs due to investments in modern, competitive and energy-saving sources, modern strategies for companies, professional management and building value of energy concerns, regionalization instead of centralization, low-emission economy and green industry.