Energy Environment 6 June, 2017 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Clean coal technologies: an opportunity to comply with the winter package

“Clean coal technologies and promotion of innovative solutions, whose goal is to reduce environmental pollution, are a key issue in the context of the EU winter package. I hope that the Institute will actively join the discussion on this topic,” said Vice-Minister of Energy, Grzegorz Tobiszowski during a seminar that took place at the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal (IChPW) in Zabrze on 2 June.  

Tobiszowski pointed that the energy package proposed by the EU, disrupted the ministry’s reform of the energy sector. “We are doing everything to introduce changes, but we need support. This is why I am hoping to cooperate with the Institute whose research infrastructure may play a very important role in this process,” he added.

During a meeting, which accompanied the celebrations of the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal’s employee day, the Vice-Minister received the “Professor Henryk Zieliński’s IChWP Diament” award. “This is a recognition for promoting and building the image of the Silesian voyevodship and of the Institute, and for the engagement in the activities that promote the development of low-emissions energy sector,” said Aleksander Sobolewski, the Institute’s director.