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COMMENTS: Norbert Grudzień

Grudzień: Coal stabilizes the Polish Power System

turów Lignite coal mine Turów. Picture by Bartłomiej Sawicki/

“Out of all the coal asset producers whose role has changed, we are the biggest one. Today, they are the stabilizer of the national energy system because, unlike wind farms, they are stable,” said Norbert Grudzień, VP for Operations and Transformation at PGE GiEK, during the DISE Energy Congress in Wrocław.

Grudzień was one of the panelists at the DISE Energy Congress in Wrocław, where he spoke about the role of coal assets in Poland in the face of the energy crisis. The portfolio of PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna includes the Rybnik Power Plant, Opole Power Plant, Turów Power Plant, Bełchatów Power Plant and Dolna Odra Power Plant.

“We got 13,000. MW of installed capacity in five locations. We are the largest producer of coal assets whose role has changed. Today, they are the baseload for the national system, because unlike wind farms, they are stable,” he noted.

Vice President Norbert Grudzień pointed out the differences in the functioning of coal units and renewable sources. “Assets that have their own power source, i.e. Turów or Bełchatów, base their work on the cheapest fuel,” he said. “Their work is adapted to environmental requirements, so they will be able to operate without interruptions for many years,” he added.

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