Coal Energy 25 March, 2024 7:35 am   

Dąbrowski: What is being carried out today is detrimental to Poland


In an interview for Wojciech Dąbrowski, the former president of Polska Grupa Energetyczna, has criticised the government’s plans for the coal mining industry, saying they would lead to the collapse of the Polish energy sector. Dąbrowski analyzes the situation in the sector in detail, arguing that the decisions of the government are not only imprudent, but even harmful to the country.

  • “What is being implemented today is detrimental to Poland,” Dąbrowski refers to the government’s plans for mining and energy, saying they do not serve the interests of the country. He expresses deep concern about the impact of these plans on the Polish energy sector and believes the approach to the sector needs to be changed.
  • “Energy companies in Poland are in a deep process of transformation. We are changing production sources in cities to gas fuel. Having coal assets will mean that there will be no way to raise funds for investments,” the former president of PGE emphasizes the need to transform the energy sector in Poland, noting that the possession of coal assets can become an obstacle to raising funds for new investments. He indicates the need for further adaptation to new energy sources.
  • Dąbrowski points to earlier preparations for changes in the energy and mining sectors, suggesting that the delay in introducing these changes was due to political games, not a lack of technical or social readiness.

When asked if he felt responsible for the crisis in the mining industry, the former president of PGE firmly responds that the situation on the mounds had no connection with the purchases made in 2022-23. He explains that the coal lying there is a low-quality raw material that is not suitable for all power plants and thermal power plants.

“What is happening on the coal mounds has nothing to do with the intervention purchase in 2022-23. I called Silesia to ask what kind of coal piled up in the mounds. Well, we are talking about coal extracted from Polish mines, with a low energy value, which cannot be used in all power plants and thermal power plants,” said the former president of PGE.

The discussion also focuses on imported coal, where Dąbrowski explains that most of it does not end up on mounds, but is used in domestic furnaces and small heating plants. He also criticizes the lack of knowledge of the minister of industry about the types of coal in Poland and transport costs, which, in his opinion, indicates a lack of understanding of the situation. Dąbrowski’s statements also touch on political issues, accusing the government of acting to the detriment of Poland by combining mining with energy production. He claims that such an approach will lead to the collapse of the Polish energy sector, and the Fitch rating agency has already downgraded the ratings of Polish energy companies in connection with these plans. On the topic of political games around mining, Dąbrowski says that the process of preparing changes took years, and the opposition blocked the bill in the Senate, which derailed the process. In the end, he believes this situation is causing problems to the country and recalls the negotiations with the social side that took place eight months before the elections.

At the end of the interview, Dąbrowski answers a question about his severance package with PGE, stressing that the sum did not exceed three salaries and is significantly lower than the severance packages of his predecessors, pointing to his role in managing a large enterprise during the transition period.

Wojciech Dąbrowski also expresses his readiness to take on new challenges after the end of the ban on competition, arguing that his experience in working for Poland’s energy security is a solid basis for further actions. / compiled by Mateusz Gibała