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COMMENTS: Joanna Słowińska

DISE: Poland will use natural gas as a transition fuel for another 10 years


The Lower Silesian Institute for Energy Studies (DISE) has presented a report that shows that natural gas will remain a “transitional fuel” in Poland’s energy transition for the next 10 years.

The conclusions of the report were presented by the president of DISE Remigiusz Nowakowski during the 26th GAZTERM conference in Międzyzdroje, Poland. “In the medium term, the share of natural gas in power generation in Poland will grow and may reach at least 34 TWh by 2035 (compared to 13.4 TWh in 2021). In a scenario where prices of CO2 emission allowances are high, Poland’s energy policy until 2040 (PEP 2040) assumes a level of approx. 67 TWh of electricity generation from gas,” the DISE report explained.

According to the Institute, this trend will be mainly caused by the growing demand for electricity in the economy and the rapid phase-out of older coal units after 2025. “Taking into account the climate paradigm and the resulting fight against the carbon intensity of the economy, natural gas remains (in the case of Poland) the choice of the “lesser evil” in relation to carbon-intensive energy. Using the OCGT technology is recommended especially in the electricity sector in order to support the balancing of the National Power System and its smooth co-existence with the dynamically growing renewables,” DISE stressed.

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