Alerts Energy Infrastructure / Innovations Renewables 20 February, 2024 7:30 am   

Distance act with 500 m and without noise limits, but after local elections

ener-oze-1536×1016 Onshore wind farms. Picture by Enertrag.

The liberalization of the law on onshore wind farms is to propose a compromise of a 500 meters distance between turbines and buildings, but it will not include noise standards.  It is to be presented in June, after the local elections.

“By June, the law will be presented,” Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Miłosz Motyka told Radio Zet about the law liberalizing the rules on onshore wind farms. “It will be a broad law on onshore wind energy. It will be consulted so as not to give the impression that it is a phone call away from being overturned,” he promises.

Minister Motyka revealed that the draft liberalization of the wind turbine regulations, which is to be presented after consultations, is to include provisions for a distance of 500 m from buildings without noise standards.

Local elections, in which the dispute over onshore wind farms may play a role, will be held in April 2024.

Radio ZET / Wojciech Jakóbik