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Donald Tusk on Poland’s nuclear plans

Donald-Tusk Donald Tusk. Picture: Twitter.

The potential candidate for the prime minister Donald Tusk met with voters in Wroclaw. He was asked whether he would block the ongoing nuclear project. “Nuclear power plants are essential. We are out of time,” he replied. He was also asked whether the location in Pomerania would be changed, but did not give a clear answer.

One of the participants of the meeting asked Donald Tusk, chairman of the Civic Coalition and candidate for prime minister of the new government, whether he would block the nuclear power plant project in Pomerania because of the Lubiatowo-Kopalino location being a tourist attraction.

“Nuclear power plants are essential. We are out of time,” said Donald Tusk, referring to the need to implement the energy and climate policy of the European Union with the use of nuclear power. “We are building a political community with the United States,” he added, referring to the project in Pomerania carried out by Polish Nuclear Power Plants, Bechtel and Westinghouse from the United States.

However, in response to a voter’s question about whether he would change the location he admitted “if without losing time, money and risk with the Americans it is possible to change the location then we will consider it. If necessary, we will minimize (environmental – ed.) losses at the location,” said Tusk. These companies have already signed a project agreement. The first of the three AP1000 reactors will be built in 2033. The design contract is for a specific location. Changing the location of the NPP would mean repeating the environmental study, which would delay the project by several years, contrary to the intentions of Donald Tusk, who assessed that “we are out of time” and “we need decisions”.

Donald Tusk met with voters after the parliamentary elections, in which the ruling Law and Justice party won, but most of the seats were won by opposition parties with the Civic Coalition on top of the list. Now they want to form a government, but it is the president who nominates the candidate for the prime minister.

Wojciech Jakóbik