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COMMENTS: Jadwiga Emilewicz

Emilewicz: Poland will be a hub for the reconstruction of Ukraine

Jadwiga Emilewicz. Picture by MPiT Jadwiga Emilewicz. Picture by MPiT

“We are preparing institutions and instruments that will help Polish businesses to develop their activities in Ukraine; we focus on transport and logistics projects and we are convinced that Poland will be a hub for the reconstruction of Ukraine,” said Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Jadwiga Emilewicz.

On Monday Emilewicz took part in the 3rd Warsaw Conference on supporting Ukraine called  „Ukraine-NATO-Regional Security”.

“Even if Ukraine is plunged into a long – term conflict, its significant areas will need and require investments – I will mention western Ukraine in particular, which has changed a lot since the beginning of the war,” Emilewicz said.

The Minister recalled that in terms of humanitarian aid, which Poland continues to provide, we are talking about the amount of about 600 million PLN. She pointed out that this was not the full amount when it comes to what was offered to Ukraine, because Poland also sends goods to Ukraine, and constantly gives assistance to the 1.5 million Ukrainian citizens who are currently in Poland. She added that the total amount of aid that Poland provided to Ukraine last year is estimated at approx. 2.5% of Poland’S GDP.

The deputy minister said that the Ukrainian side has submitted a preliminary program on the areas where Ukraine defines the needs for reconstruction and that it is currently being analyzed.

She reported that more than 260 economic entities are still operating in Ukraine and although it is commonly said that “the economic pulse of Ukraine has slowed down”, there are industries whose activities are still very dynamic – including construction and finishing industries, ceramics, in which companies are increasing their production. “Ukraine is alive and is already modernizing,” said the deputy minister.

She said that Ukraine, and the West, were mostly after investments in infrastructure, both in new border crossings, road construction and railway modernization.

She recalled that last week the Council of Ministers adopted a draft amending the rules of operation for corporations on export credit insurance, which-as she said-will make so that the first such agency in Europe will be able to insure investments and business activities undertaken by companies operating in Ukraine. She expressed hope that the parliament would adopt this amendment by the end of July, which would allow Polish and foreign companies, including Ukrainian companies, to operate more widely in August.

Polish Press Agency / Jacek Perzyński