Polish Briefing 25 March, 2019 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: Energy storage will help PGE harness renewable energy

What goes on in Poland on the 25th of March.

Kowalski: Energy storage will help PGE harness renewable energy

– PGE is not afraid of new technologies. Energy storage will help stabilize the RES – said Szymon Kowalski, Director of the Development and Innovation Office at PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A. during the conference “Polish power industry in the face of innovation” in Krynica Zdrój.

– At PGE EO we are looking for new ideas and solutions that will improve the efficiency of generation sources. We do not avoid any technology. We are looking for modern solutions. We want to focus on improving RES efficiency, energy storage or hydrogen production from surplus of green energy. This is the future for us. RES and energy storage are an element of stabilization of green energy. We also want to develop new renewable energy sources – he said.

In his opinion, energy storage can contribute to improving the efficiency of RES sources. – We look at energy magazines for service. We want to build new services based on them, among others distribution, price arbitrage. We want to test various energy storage technologies. We want to check what types of storage work best with RES – said Kowalski.

The company implements two energy storage projects: an energy storage integrated with a solar farm, the construction of which is to be completed in February 2021 and a warehouse integrated with the wind farm.
Kowalski calculated that PGE EO is currently implementing 8 projects, and nine are in the planning phase. The budget of implemented projects is PLN 23 million. The estimated budget for projects that are in the planning phase is 64 million PLN. 39 projects have been launched since 2014, 22 have been closed, four have been implemented.