GAS LNG Nord Stream 2 19 July, 2018 9:25 am   
Editorial staff

A draft law on sanctions against Nord Stream 2 and LNG for NATO

Republican senators John Barrasso Cory Gardner and Steve Daines introduced a legislation that would impose US sanctions on Nord Stream 2. ESCAPE Act is also to support NATO allies who are put under Russia’s pressure by using the energy sector. 

The Energy Security Cooperation with Allied Partners in Europe Act (ESCAPE Act) supports energy security of NATO allies by reliable recourse deliveries from the US. It also imposes sanctions on Nord Stream 2 which would supply gas from Russia to Germany, prejudicing the interests of Central and Eastern Europe.

– The energy we produce is a direct relation to our national security.  We must not only be energy independent but we must be energy dominant around the globe. The ESCAPE Act will take natural gas off the table for the Russians to use as a weapon to our allies. The United States can use its resources for the benefit of its allies – said senator Daines.


· Directs the U.S. permanent representative to NATO to encourage NATO member states to work together to achieve energy security for the organization’s members and partners in Europe and Eurasia.

· Calls for a comprehensive U.S. government transatlantic energy strategy that focuses on increasing the energy security of our NATO allies and partners and increasing American energy exports to those countries.

· Requires the secretary of Energy to expedite approvals of natural gas exports to NATO allies, Japan and any other foreign country where exports of natural gas would promote the national security interests of the United States.

· Authorizes mandatory U.S. sanctions on the development of Russian energy pipeline projects, such as Nord Stream II.