Alerts 19 February, 2019 3:00 pm   
Editorial staff

Eurelectric: What should change to enable energy transition?

Eurelectric, the European power sector association would like share with you its concerns regarding EU rules on the linking of energy infrastructure. In their current status, we believe that they are not up to the challenge of the clean energy transition.

Distribution system operators (DSOs) must substantially shift their responsibilities to enable the clean energy transition. Within the next decade, DSOs will undergo tremendous transformations to integrate massive volumes of renewables, deploy charging infrastructures for some 40 million electric vehicles and connect electric heat pumps, batteries and other grid edge technologies.

Such a high scale transformation requires substantial investments. Today, however, the EU support mechanism for the linking of energy infrastructure across borders is particularly focused on large transmission projects. Along the +170 financially supported projects, only 4 concern low voltage, smart grid initiatives. Yet, local and decentralised projects can bring positive effects to both national and regional levels, by easing congestion in cross-border regions and by integrating renewables.

In case the Trans-European Networks for Energy (TEN-E) Regulation would be revised as recently proposed by the European Parliament, Eurelectric together with CEDEC, EDSO and Geode – the four associations representing the DSOs at EU level – insist that the philosophy of the subsidising criteria must change to empower DSOs to play their central role for the energy transition.

Through a joint letter Eurlectric, CEDEC, EDSO and Geode call upon policymakers at EU and national level to ensure a more open-minded approach towards the definition of cross-border projects. This is crucial to ensure real benefits for prosumers and the deployment of effective new technologies.