Polish Briefing 15 April, 2020 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: Will Europe fight the crisis with the European Green Deal?

What goes on in Poland on the 15th of April.

The EP Environment Committee appeals to fight the coronavirus using the European Green Deal

Over 120 politicians and industry representatives have signed the call of Pascal Canfin, chairman of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee, for green reconstruction, i.e. restoring economic development using the European Green Deal, to combat the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The author of the appeal describes the harmful effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the European economy, which may be more severe than the economic crisis of 2008. In his opinion, the time of economic recovery will be an opportunity to further support the development of a new, green sector of the economy. – It’s not about building a new type of economy from scratch. We already have all the tools and many new technologies. Significant progress has been made in most of the transformed sectors in the last ten years, according to Canfin. In his opinion, the European Green Deal plan presented by the European Commission should be supported.

The Polish solar consortium is to compete with the Chinese in Europe

The most important entities of the photovoltaic industry in Poland discuss creating a consortium that would compete in Europe, among others with the Chinese – said Deputy Minister of Climate Ireneusz Zyska in Radio Kraków.

Ireneusz Zyska said on April 14 at Radio Kraków that Polish companies and producers of solar panels are conducting talks about creating a consortium that could compete with Chinese producers on European markets. He added that the ministry of climate is currently working on an amendment to the Energy Law that would help in such initiatives and help the renewable energy industry develop in Poland.

Polish Mining Group wants to limit coal mining and reduce remuneration

Polish Mining Group (Polska Grupa Górnicza – PGG) wants to launch a shielding package in the face of a difficult market situation due to a coronavirus pandemic. The plan is to reduce miners’ working time by up to 20 percent for three months. The remuneration would therefore be reduced proportionally. – This will allow the company to apply for funding under the anti-crisis shield in the amount of about PLN 70 million – it says.

On Tuesday, the PGG management board organized a teleconference with representatives of trade unions operating in the company. During the meeting, representatives of the social side were offered an agreement enabling the use of the anti-crisis law.