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COMMENTS: Marcin Karwowski

Experts debunk critics of Poland’s first NPP project

Polska-elektrownia-jadrowa-na-Pomorzu-1 Polish Nuclear Power Plant in Pomerania. Visualization: Polish Nuclear Power Plants.

In a recent report experts from the Fota4Climate foundation commented on the environmental report for the NPP to be. Contrary to critics, they claim the plant can be built without destroying the local ecosystem.

The Fota4Climate Foundation has presented an expert opinion on the environmental impact assessment of the nuclear power plant that is to be constructed in Poland. As the authors note, climate change is currently one of the most significant challenges. One of the biggest causes behind it is energy generation based on fossil fuels, which emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Energy based on coal and gas is harmful not only to the climate and nature, but also to ourselves. Coal, which once built wealth of entire regions and now harms us all, and gas, the availability of which we increasingly associate with the word ‘blackmail’, are already being slowly replaced by low – carbon sources,” the authors wrote.

Fota4Climate diagnosis is that that there is a strong resistance to changes in the energy sector. The human unwillingness to change the established order of things fights against the necessity of doing so. As the authors write, climate change affects the level of oceans and the entire environment of people, according to them, this should also change the perspective of the global society. It should encourage everyone to act in the interest of the common good.

“This publication offers the voice of the experts from the FOTA4Climate Foundation in the discussion on the first Polish nuclear power plant. As environmentalists, naturalists and activists, we advocate pragmatic, evidence-based ecology. Many of us have opposed nuclear power for ideological reasons in the past. Today, however, we recognize its important benefits for the environment and the energy system. However, this does not mean that our approach to the planned investments is uncritical,” the authors explain.

Fora4Climate dissociates itself from taking a political side. It focuses on proposing actions that have a positive impact on the environment as well as on the society. The report focuses not only on the development of nuclear energy but also on national park projects.

The report analyzes the impact of nuclear power plants on terrestrial fauna, flora and fungi, marine waters, tourism and social conflicts and forest ecosystems. It also delves into the impact the noise such plants make.

The report is available under this link.

Fota4Climate / Marcin Karwowski