Energy 13 December, 2023 7:35 am   
COMMENTS: Marcin Karwowski

Gas pipe that will connect Poland and Lithuania almost done

gazociag_zasilajacy_ccgt_ostroleka_gotowy_do_zagazowania-2048×1211 A gas pipeline. Picture by Energa

Energa has completed tests of the gas pipeline in Ostrołęka. Eventually, it will be connected to the international GIPL gas pipeline. The investment is expected to be ready for use in 2024.

Tests of the gas pipeline supplying the power plant in Ostrołęka have been successful. They were carried out under the supervision of the Office of Technical Inspection. At the same time, the works on preparing the pig launcher in Stare Konopki have been completed. This is the last stage, after which it will be possible to connect the Polish gas pipeline to the cross-border GIPL, which will connect the transmission system of Poland and Lithuania.

The formal completion of the pipeline is planned for early 2024, after which technical commissioning procedures will be carried out. According to the plan, gas will be pumped into the pipe in mid February. It will take about two weeks to complete. Construction of the plant began in the first half of 2023, it is to be ready for use in mid-2024.

The construction of the gas and steam power plant in Ostrołęka is already completed at about 54 percent. The project is financed on the basis of an agreement between CCGT Ostrołęka (owned by the Orlen group) and external entities. They are included in the project finance formula, and the lenders are both Polish and international companies.

Energa / Marcin Karwowski