GAS Norwegian Corridor 20 December, 2019 10:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Gaz-System selected pipe supplier for Baltic Pipe offshore section

GAZ-SYSTEM selected EUROPIPE GmbH to supply pipes for the construction of the Baltic Pipe offshore pipeline. It is one of the two key packages for constructing the pipeline to be laid in the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Pipe offshore gas pipeline will be ca. 275 km long and pass through the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone to connect the shores of Denmark and Poland. The selected supplier will deliver DN900 pipes in 12.2 m sections.

– The pipe supply contract for the Baltic Pipe offshore part is crucial for this project. The project is at the final stage of obtaining permits allowing the commencement of construction works – said Tomasz Stępień, President of GAZ-SYSTEM.

Under the contract, EUROPIPE GmbH will also supply the same diameter pipes for the short onshore section to the Receiving Terminal; the delivery will include all the design-specified protective coatings which, on one hand, will protect the gas pipeline and, on the other, minimise its impact on the surroundings and natural environment.

The pipe wall thickness will be approximately 23 mm. The pipeline will be covered with a special 4.2 mm thick anticorrosion coating to protect it during its operation on the seabed. All the offshore pipes will be protected with 60-110 mm thick concrete coating. EUROPIPE GmbH will also perform all the applicable tests required for executing this type of order. The contract includes temporary storage of the manufactured pipes and their transport to the port of delivery.

EUROPIPE GmbH has been selected after a multi-stage competitive procurement procedure including, among other elements, negotiations with the bidders.

The second key procurement package for GAZ-SYSTEM’s offshore gas pipeline concerns construction and installation works in the Baltic Sea. The contractor to execute this part of the investment will be selected and announced in the first half of next year.

Baltic Pipe is a strategic project aimed at creating a new natural gas supply corridor from Norway to the Danish and Polish markets and to end-users in the neighbouring countries. Implementation of this investment will strengthen energy security of Poland as well as Central and Eastern Europe and contribute to increased competitiveness of the Polish gas market. The pipeline will enable transport of 10 billion m3 of natural gas per year to Poland and 3 billion m3 per year from Poland to Denmark. The construction stage is anticipated to start in 2020 to enable import of natural gas from gas fields in the Norwegian Continental Shelf beginning October 2022.