Energy 31 July, 2017 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Gaz-System and its partners researched demand for incremental capacity

Together with the interoperating system operators, Gaz-System published reports on the assessment of demand for incremental capacity. In result a decision on starting the preparations for the design phase for an interconnection with Germany has been made.

Gaz-System’s press release on the reports says that: “Based on the non-binding demand indications received, the operators prepared joint demand assessment reports. The reports estimated potential demand for incremental capacity in the respective entry-exit systems and specified whether an incremental capacity project should be initiated.”

The reports show, among others, that in case of the Poland-Czech Republic interconnection the indicated capacity demand will be met as part of the planned expansion of the Polish-Czech Republic interconnection (Stork II). Therefore, there is no need start an incremental capacity project. The same pertains to the Poland-Lithuania interconnection, where the indicated capacity demand will be met as part of the planned Poland-Lithuania interconnection (GIPL).

When it comes to the Poland-Germany (Gaspool) interconnection, the study showed that no additional demand for incremental capacity was submitted for the Mallnow point between the transmission systems managed by Gaz-System and Gascade. Therefore, no project will be initiated in this regard. The operators’ analysis also shows that currently the capacity at the interconnection was sufficient to cover the potential demand.

The situation is different when it comes to the interconnection point between Gaz-System and the other German operator – Ontras. In this case demand for incremental capacity was submitted at the Gaz-System/Ontras exit point. The demand is higher that the available one, which is why the operators decided to start a design phase for the interconnection.