Alerts Energy Infrastructure / Innovations 30 October, 2023 7:30 am   

Germany wants more oil from the Kazakh laundromat. Talks are coordinated with Russia

schwedt Greenpeace activists at the Schwedt refinery in Germany. Source: Greenpeace / Twitter

The Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan said that it was talking about increasing oil supplies to Germany via Russia to 2 million tons per year. The use of the Friendship Oil Pipeline is controversial, and the talks are coordinated with the Russians.

“During the visit of the president of Kazakhstan to Germany, the German side expressed interest in increasing the supply of Kazakh oil. Currently, negotiations are underway in coordination with the Russian side to ensure the transfer of oil from Kazakhstan through the territory of the Russian Federation and with refineries on their ability to collect the oil,” reads the statement of Minister Almasadam Stakaliyev in a press release published by the Russian agency TASS.

KazTransOil will use the capacity of 1.2 million tons reserved in the Friendship Oil Pipeline in 2023 to supply 100,000 tons per month to the German market, especially to the Schwedt refinery with the shares of the Russian Rosneft. KazTransOil has an oil transfer agreement with Russia’s Transneft for 2024.

The deliveries via Russia raise Poland’s concerns about the physical use of Russian oil and cooperation with Russian companies despite the invasion of Ukraine.

TASS / Wojciech Jakóbik