Polish Briefing 17 April, 2019 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: To combat smog we primarily need legal regulations

What goes on in Poland on the 17th of April.

Guła: To Combat Smog We Primarily Need Legal Regulations

To combat smog apart from information campaigns, we need legal regulations at first. The problem is that their adaptation is controversial, said the President of the Polish Smog Alert Andrzej Guła at the conference “Clean Heat 2030. Strategy for Heating”, organized by the Energy Forum under media patronage of 

– Communication with society should be important during the transition period. Information campaigns, however, are only one element of the fight for clean air and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This combat should be based on 3 keystones: legal regulations, programs and financial support, and communications, said Guła. 

He added that we are afraid of communicating difficult changes to society in Poland, especially politicians do not know how to address this issue. However proper communication will not solve the problem of smog, we need regulations too. We can find the confirmation of this rule in the past. Once we had a problem with leaded petrol which was extremely polluting our air. It was solved by adaptation of proper regulations. If only information campaigns were involved, this petrol would still be available and cheap, so they would be useless. The problem is that, unlike information campaigns, adopting regulation is controversial. Let’s not be afraid to communicate important and necessary reforms – appealed the President of the Polish Smog Alert.