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Sławomir Hinc. Fot. Gaz-System.
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Hinc: Gaz-System bets on diversification and renewable gases

Slawomir-Hinc-Gaz-System Sławomir Hinc. Picture by Gaz-System.

The new president of Gaz-System Sławomir Hinc wants to complete diversification and support Poland’s energy transition by engaging the company in biomethane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide storage projects.

“I wanted to reconfirm Gaz-System’s commitment to the third infrastructure project, i.e. closing the Northern Gate,” said Gaz-System President Sławomir Hinc about the FSRU floating gas port project in the Gdańsk Bay.

“We have an active role to play in the energy transition. I wanted to focus on three aspects: biomethane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide,” Hinc enumerated in the context of the transport of these raw materials. “Distributed sources of biomethane mean that not only Gaz-System, but also Polska Spółka Gazownictwa has an active role to play,” he explained.

“We are pleased with the proposal to designate Gaz-System as the operator of the hydrogen transmission system,” Hinc continued. The company is to take part in the construction of infrastructure and drafting of regulations for the development of the hydrogen economy. “We are only at the stage of adopting the package of legal solutions for implementation into national law. We want to participate in this process, as well as in the financing of hydrogen infrastructure,” he added.

“We will also develop the transport of carbon dioxide from places where it is captured to places where it can be stored. The role of Gaz-System should be transportation and accelerating decarbonization,” Hinc told the reporters.

Compiled by Wojciech Jakóbik