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IAEA advises Poland on how to speed up its first atomic project

WhatsApp-Image-2020-11-02-at-13.06.44 Ministry of Climate and Environment. Picture by Marcin Roszkowski

The eleven-day mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Poland confirms the country is ready to build a nuclear power  plant and recommends changes to the law and further work to start construction.

The second phase of the INIR nuclear infrastructure review was carried out from 15 to 25 April with the assistance of a team of experts reviewing 19 issues. “The Polish Nuclear Power Program was initiated with clear objectives and is progressing towards the construction phase in a structured manner. We have seen large and engaged teams in all key organizations that will help realize the government’s goals with the program,” the IAEA said in a statement.

The Agency also presented recommendations to Poland to improve preparations for the construction of the NPP, including further changes to the regulations and the completion of the preparatory stage necessary to start contracting and construction. “The conclusions of our talks with IAEA experts will allow us to improve the implementation of the Polish Nuclear Power Programme,” said Deputy Climate Minister Miłosz Motyka.

According to the plan the first reactor should be launched in 2033. However, the document, including the schedule, is to be reviewed. The selected technology is AP1000 from the American Westinghouse, which in a consortium with Bechtel is negotiating a contract for the construction of the NPP with Polish Nuclear Power Plants.

International Atomic Energy Agency / Wojciech Jakóbik