Energy 10 August, 2023 7:25 am   
COMMENTS: Jacek Perzyński

It will be easier to install PVs

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The government intends to introduce a number of simplifications to reduce red tape and increase the popularity of photovoltaic installations.

The new regulations, adopted by the Council of Ministers on 8 August 2023, aim to reduce the burdens and streamline the investment process for photovoltaic systems.

The most important solutions include reducing the legal and administrative burdens associated with the investment process, which concerns the construction of photovoltaic systems. The method of determining the construction area, the value of which determines the classification of photovoltaic systems as projects that can have a significant impact on the environment, will be clarified.

The aim of the project is to obtain an environmental decision for photovoltaic systems with an area of not less than 0.5 ha in areas covered by nature protection regulations and 2 ha in other areas (but excluding building with photovoltaic systems located on the roofs and facades of buildings).

Currently, obtaining an environmental decision for photovoltaic installations is required in areas covered by regulations on nature protection from 0.5 ha and from 1 ha in other areas, and the building of photovoltaic systems is included in the regulation as part of industrial or warehouse buildings – now there is a separate position in the regulation, with a separately set threshold.

The new rules will come into force 14 days after the announcement in the Journal of Laws.

Ministry of Climate and Environment / Jacek Perzyński