Coal Energy 16 May, 2019 10:00 am   
COMMENTS: Łukasz Kroplewski

Kroplewski: Methane from coal deposits will strengthen energy security

– We invest in methane mining from the coal deposits, not because it is successful in China or Australia. This is an opportunity for PGNiG to gain up to 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas which will also strengthen the energy security of the country – said PGNiG Vice President Łukasz Kroplewski during the 11th European Economic Congress held in Katowice.

Since 2016, PGNiG has been conducting research works under the Geo-Metan project together with the Polish Geological Institute in Gilowice. Its aim is to develop methods and techniques for pre-exploitation of methane mining from coal deposits. In April, the company connected to the network a 0.9 MW power generator fueled with gas coming from the extraction of methane from the coal deposits. – We wanted to prove to our business partners that it is possible. Already, the flows are 5,000 cubic meters per day. In a moment, the villages will receive gas obtained in this way. The effects are satisfactory. It begins to be financially viable – said Vice-President Kroplewski.

In this context, he mentioned that in February PGNiG signed an agreement with the Polish Mining Group regarding the pre-exploitation of methane from hard coal deposits. The works will be carried out at KWK Ruda Ruch Bielszowice. According to the estimates of the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute, there can be as much as 170 billion cubic meters of methane in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin.

– We win on climate policy. Natural gas, methane, CNG and LNG are clean fuels. There is a demand for gas, as evidenced by investments in steam and gas blocks in Żerań or in Dolna Odra. We are glad that gas is perceived as clean, green fuel. On the other hand, let us not be crazy about the European Commission’s aspirations. Energy is based on fossil fuels, which Poland also uses. What is out of date in Europe does not have to be the same in the rest of the world – said the Vice President of PGNiG.