Energy Renewables 5 September, 2019 3:15 pm   
Editorial staff

Tauron is doubling its wind farm capacity

Tauron has acquired five wind farms with 180 MW capacity for PLN 137 million. The company says it is just a beginning of its further RES investments. It allows Tauron to double its on-shore wind farm installed capacity.

Tauron goes for the RES

“We have taken the first big and real step – actual, not just planned. Since a long time, we have been working on the on-shore 180 MW wind farms acquisition project. And we made it. The supervisory board has granted its approval. The transaction was finalised today. It allowed us to overcome the magic threshold of a 10 percent share of RES in our energy mix. And this is just a beginning. We have much bigger ambitions” – said the CEO of Tauron Filip Grzegorczyk during the 29th Economic Forum taking place in Krynica.

He has announced that his company will continue investing in the RES as such are the global megatrends. ”We are encouraged to do this also by the EU regulations. It is a matter of business necessity” – he added.

Acquisition of these wind farms is to provide additional PLN 100 million EBITDA a year. “It is a profitable investment that demonstrates to the financial institutions that the Group seriously approaches the change in its energy mix and growth of the RES. This transaction facilitates our financial stability in the coming years. We count on this transaction also being welcome by our investors. It is a transaction that is safe for us” – said Marek Wadowski, CFO of Tauron.
The wind farms acquired by Tauron are located in northern Poland: Śniatowo (16 turbines with 32 MW total capacity), Mogilno (17 turbines with 34 MW total capacity), Inowrocław (16 turbines with 32 MW total capacity), Dobrzyń (17 turbines with 34 MW total capacity) and Gołdap (16 turbines with 48 MW total capacity). After the takeover, Tauron’s total on-shore wind farm installed capacity will be 380.75 MW, whereas the total RES installed capacity will increase to 619 MW.

Piotr Stępiński