Polish Briefing 2 July, 2019 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: Poland will need 3-4 GW of photovoltaic power

What goes on in Poland on the 2nd of July.

Maćkowiak-Pandera: Poland will need 3-4 GW of photovoltaic power

Solar installation is one of the ways to meet the increased energy demand in the summer. According to Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera PhD, the President of Forum Energii, in the next few years Poland will need at least 3-4 GW of installed capacity in solar farms.

Last Wednesday High air temperatures caused the record of electricity demand in the summer peak of approx. 24 140 MW.

– The balance of power is in a state of gentle balance. The system operator has to balance supply with demand in real time, because energy is not currently available for storage on a large scale. Poland has a problem especially in the summer, the demand for energy is growing rapidly, because we have more and more air conditioners. The level of reserves is decreasing, because the heat and power plants are not working, some of the blocks are being renovated in the summer. In addition, high summer temperatures also put pressure on production efficiency. 90 percent of power plants are thermal units that need to be intensively cooled. Our system is not resistant to high summer temperatures, the situation could be improved by diversification of production sources – said Maćkowiak-Pandera.

As she pointed out, our country needs photovoltaics to balance the work of the power system, but the current installed capacity is insufficient. – Although compared to last year, installed capacity in solar farms increased by 120 percent to nearly 700 MW, it is still insufficient. In order to strengthen the security of energy supply within the next five years, Poland will need about 3-4 GW of installed capacity in photovoltaics – claims Maćkowiak-Pandera.

She pointed out that photovoltaic technology is not the only solution for missing generation capacities. – Poland also supports the import of energy. Over the last year, it has increased by over 150 percent. In addition, energy efficiency and a change in tariff policy, should create incentives so that not everyone at once consumes electricity at the same time. Security of supply can also improve network modernization – said the President of Forum Energii.